At 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing, our expert team can handle any and all of your roof repair needs!  We are available at any time to meet your roofing needs, and always provide top-quality service to our valued clients!

There are nearly countless potential sources of roof leaks.  A variety of different natural damages, damage from foot traffic, damage from old, worn down or faulty materials, and many other roof activities or features can cause leaks. Improper workmanship or installation of roof materials can often be the most likely sources of roof leaks.  Roof leaks can lead to major roof and house foundation issues if not properly remedied.

Our roof repair process includes not only a full repair of your roof issue, but also a full inspection of your roof for any other damages or potential sources of further repair requirements.  Our commitment to your roof will help keep your home in great condition!

Our roof inspection assesses the condition of you shingles, to ensure that none were installed improperly or have deteriorated or fallen off over time.  If any damaged, broken or faulty shingles are found we will take absolute care in the installation and in finding the color and type match for their replacement.  

Clogged gutters leading to overflowing water can also lead to roof and home foundation problems.  Chimney pipes can also cause similar water leaks in your home.  A professional roof contractor should assess any signs of in-home water damage.  

The smallest roof leak can lead to major roof and home damage, requiring major roof repairs and potential replacements. Contact 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing to book a Calgary Roof Repair consultation!  


Are you noticing any needs of roof repairs, such as roof leaks, water damage, or missing roof shingles?  A roof repair is often a faster and less expensive option than a full roof replacement.  Roof repairs can detect and patch roof leak. Repair can replace missing, curled or cracked shingles. Repair can replace bent or damaged flashing and damaged roof vents. The cost of your roof repair is dictated by the specific repair task, though most roof repairs cost between $3oo and $1,000. If the roof damage is quite drastic, a full roof replacement can be required. 


A variety of different installation mishaps and faulty materials can cause roof leaks.  Spaces and gaps left from various sources can allow water to build up and or flow into the roof and home.  These roof leaks can often become visible in the home, quite a distance from their origin.  The leak distance can often make the source of roof leaks hard to spot.  Our expert team has the skills to find your leaks origin, in order to ensure the fix of the leak is sustainable and lasting.    


We understand that the smallest potential damages that small roof leaks can create; we also understand that these damages are not in your control. Even the strongest and best-built roof can’t withstand what untimely accidents nature can bring about.  This unpredictable weather is why at 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing we offer 24/7 emergency roof repair services. That is why we make our services available when you need them.  Whenever a roof disaster strikes, you can count on 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing to have you covered!


Hail pieces can remove shingle coverings, causing shingles and the roof as a whole to age much more rapidly.  Sped up roof ageing can cause the aesthetics and functionality of your roof to deplete. Hail can cause roof leaks, then melt and allow water into the leaks. Damage from hail may also void manufactures warranty, which could make hail damaged roofs hard to claim insurance on.  If you notice or have suspicions of hail damage in your roof, contact 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing immediately!  


Has poor workmanship, faulty roofing supplies, or damage occurring form hail or other weather factors resulted in a poor roof or severely damaged your roof?  You might be eligible for a Roof Repair Insurance Claim, to cover the repair or roof replacements costs. Before filing a Roof Repair Insurance Claim with your respective agency, it is important to have a professional inspection, to ensure that your claim is warranted.  Call or email 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing to book a professional roof inspection!    


If you need to file a Roof Repair Insurance claim, there are some important steps. First locating your Homeowners Insurance Policy to find your deductible amount and details. Next contacting your Mortgage Carrier or Appropriate Insurance Agency to file the claim and book an Adjuster Appointment to confirm the damage. Next your property assessment is completed; your claim is mailed, and then finalized upon return.  At 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing we can help with each step of filing your claim, and performing your upcoming repairs!


Calgary weather and general environment can damage your existing roof.  It can be important for home and business owners to have their roofs properly evaluated for damages to see if it requires repairs or replacement. Our expert team can assess you roofing damages to see if you need a full roof replacement or a spot repair. We have the skills and local market knowledge to repair your damaged roof! Trust the professionals with you Calgary roof repair needs.

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