Hailstones damage the granules in roofing shingles, forcing the shingles to deteriorate faster.  Hail comes without warning, and can seriously affect your roof.  Whether a hailstorm causes emergency roof situations, or simply raises some suspicions about potential roof damages, it is always best to contact your trusted roofing professional immediately.  

Hail can damage your roof in two separate. Hailstones can have major impacts when they land, which can leave holes and or damage shingles in your roof. Hail can also act like rain, pooling when it melts, causing a leak. Though hail can also act as two-fold roof damage, as it can create the holes for the leaks to form, and provide the actual liquid that causes roof leaks.  Hail is a serious from of roof damage.

The team at 4 Weather Roofing & Insulation wants to help return your roof to its pre-hail condition. We have the skills, experience and knowledge to make sure that your roof is properly inspected and repaired after hail damages occur.  Call us today, to book a roof inspection and or hail damage roof repair consultation!   


Hail damage can come through the hailstone impact on the roof and from the hailstone melt, causing leaks in the roof. Pre-existing hail damage can also affect insurance claims for roof damages and manufacturer warranties on roofing products. Hail also speeds up the deterioration of your shingles as it wears of any covering and damages the shingles granules.  Hail is truly harmful to your roof, in a variety of ways.  A roof repair can replace a damaged shingle, or patch a small roof leak before serious water damages occur. 


Hail can strike without any real warning. The safety and comfort of your home may be severely compromised in a single storm.  If your home is left in a bad condition or if you have any emergency roofing needs, you need a roofing contractor you can count on for timely repairs, done right the first time.  At 4 Weather, we understand the impact hail can have and provide emergency hail damage repair services for your residential and or commercial roofs. We are here 24/7 to help with all your roof hail damage issues.


Your home insurance provider can sometimes cover hail damage roof repair costs. If the roof on your home or business faces hail damage, it is best to contact your insurance provider and or adjuster to review any potential coverage. Certain property insurance policies and hail specifc polcies are available.  We can work with your insurance provider, to help make the insurance claim process is seamless and stress free.  Call or email 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing today to learn more about navigating your hail damage insurance claim!


If your roof is severely damaged by hail then a simple area and or material repairs may not be the best course of action. Your roof may require a full replacement if the damage is too serious to simply repair. Roof replacements can also be the best renovation choice if an old roof faces some moderate hail damage. As the roof will likely need a replacement in the near future, it would not make sense to simply perform small area repairs at this point.  If your home has a single layer of asphalt shingle, a reroofing project can efficient install a new set of asphalt shingles onto your existing style, without requiring a teardown.


At least once a year Calgary seems to face a major hailstorm.  It can come without much warning and leave serious devastation in its wake.  Physical roof damage, future leaks, and increased rates of roof deterioration can all result from hailstorm damage.   Your gorgeous Calgary home shouldn’t be damaged, structurally compromised, or become a neighbourhood eyesore due to its hail-damaged roof. Do not hesitate to contact 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing with your hail damage, concerns, questions and we can handle your Calgary roof repair needs.

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