Calgary energy costs have increased dramatically over the recent years. The average energy consumption by Albertans has risen from 6,783 kwh in 2004 to over 7,000 kwh in recent years. Increased costs and consumption rates have made the costs of running a home strenuous on homeowners and their wallets.

4 Weather Insulation has been able to institute state of the art methods and technologies to help Calgarians cut heating and energy costs through proper home insulation. We provide state of the art insulation services for homes and commercial buildings in and around Calgary and have earned a reputation as one of the best insulation companies in Calgary. A poorly insulated home is susceptible to condensation buildup, loss of heat and increased monthly bills. Condensation buildup can lead to mold and mildew throughout your insulation as well as damage to your ceilings and roof.

4 Weather Insulation & Roofing offers professional home insulation services and is one of Calgary’s premier insulation contractors.


We offer professional home insulation services for Calgary and surrounding communities. If you need new insulation we use premium products and provide professional installation.

Use our professional home installation services to ensure your home is properly insulated to reduce energy costs and prevent moisture and condensation build-up.

Attic Insulation

We have decades attic insulation experience servicing Calgary and surrounding communities. We work with new construction attic insulation and attic insulation replacement on residential and commercial properties. We install proper attic insulation to mitigate energy costs while still ensuring proper attic ventilation to maintain insulation longevity.

Included with attic insulation services we also do the attic access collar installation, which effectively helps to retain the new additional insulation in your attic.

Commercial Insulation

4 Weather Insulation & Roofing provides professional commercial insulation services. We work with new construction insulation, commercial insulation removal and insulation replacement.

Commercial insulation requires the skill and professionalism of an experienced insulation contractor. Contact us for your commercial insulation needs.

Insulation Removal

There are many different reasons for having your old insulation removed. Often if there was poor ventilation in an attic you will find mold and mildew. Insulation can become less effective over time as well as may have been installed with asbestos containing materials in the past. If the spread of mold through the insulation occurs it will actually reduce the air quality throughout your home and can be harmful.

At 4 Weather we are equipped to remove your old insulation and blow in new insulation often on the same day (depending on the size of the job.) We provide excellent advice on insulation removal as well as free estimates.

4Weather - Your Calgary Insulation Company

If you are looking for the best home insulation contractors or companies in Calgary you can contact us immediately. 4Weather thinks about your energy cost. Being one of the most responsible insulation contractors in Calgary, we help you lower your energy cost.

Heating and cooling a home or business can be the largest portion of property owners’ utility bills. Insulation can be installed in walls, attics, floors, ceilings, and in leaky air ducts. A well-insulated home will keep you warm in the winter and cooler in the summer helping you to achieve a comfortable living and lower your energy bills by up to 20%. Insulation is measured in an R-value, this is the thermal resistance insulation can offer. It is recommended that in an Albertan climate it has an R-value of 40 or more.

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