We offer proper home roofing, ventilation and insulation services to help homeowners in Calgary. Proper insulation, roofing and ventilation are important for any home. They improve the aesthetic appeal of your house; ensure optimal energy-efficiency, good structural integrity; reduce the risk of moisture accumulation – to name a few benefits.



Proper ventilation is important to maximize the full potential of your insulation. Ventilation creates air circulation while keeping your home cool in summers and prevents condensation buildup in winters.


A well-insulated home will keep your home warm in the winters and cool in the summers. Our insulation professionals can easily handle even the difficult insulation problems with ease and patience.


Our professional roofing services use only the best roofing materials and experienced installers, we specialize in roof repairs, roof replacements, and roof installations. Creating a beautiful and functional roof.
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4 Weather Insulation & Roofing specialises in professional attic services. Our attic ventilation and attic insulation experts integrate our professional knowledge to prevent condensation and moisture build-up within your attic, preventing the development of mold. As Calgary Attic experts we understand the needs of Calgary homes and make sure that the attic ventilation system is designed to lower energy costs while maintaining the overall temperature of the home.

The attic is often an overlooked extension of a home, we specialise in attic insulation upgrades and new attic insulation installation making sure that an attic has the proper ventilation needs to have effective insulation. Contact 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing for all of your professional attic insulation and ventilation needs.



Quality insulation and professional ventilation can drastically improve the air quality within a home. Our professional services balance a home’s humidity and temperature removing stale air and mitigating moisture and condensation build-up that could lead to health hazards including mold in the future. Our professional ventilation is sure to improve your home air quality.


4 Weather Insulation & Roofing uses state of the art installation methods ensuring that our services embody green building. Our use of sustainable, green products and our mitigation of excess waste qualifies us as professional green builders. Our installation methods also lower a home’s emissions and energy costs, further emphasising our active role in preserving our local environment through our daily practices.


We make sure our teams of insulation, roofing and ventilation experts use all the fire safety and fire prevention practices to ensure your property is safe from fire damage. We provide industry-leading and cost-effective fireproof insulation services for commercial and residential buildings, ensuring proper fire safety for all of our customers using fire resistant insulation and roofing products.



4 Weather Insulation & Roofing always delivers high-end customer services to go along with our creative approach to insulation & ventilation. We have created numerous methods to improve a home’s air flow systems through our knowledge and expertise in home ventilation and insulation. We integrate professional roofing, innovative ventilation and expertise in insulation to construct and instal a state of the art attic, home or business system that is eco-friendly, cost effective and economically sustainable.

We guarantee the quality and longevity of the products we use and the installation, maintenance and service we provide. Our approach to installation, ventilation and roofing are the care we put into each job and our relationships we build with each customer. We believe in providing more than just a quality service, we believe in establishing professional relationships and maintaining the highest levels of customer service and customer approval.

When you work with 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing you receive much more than industry leading knowledge, you get the unmatched dedication to quality. Contact us today for all of your attic, roofing, insulation, and ventilation needs.