Wall insulation may not be something you consider for a home’s aesthetics, but it does have a major impact for your wallet. A well-insulated home is a money saver because it helps you to conserve energy that could be used up in keeping your home warm in the winter months. The need for energy efficient wall insulation to increase your energy savings is more important now, more than ever.

Installing insulation properly isn’t a task many homeowners take on willingly due to the effects an improper installation can have on your heating bills and your family’s comfort.

Having an idea of the different types of wall insulation is the best way to start when you need something you can rely on for your home insulation project. From the bottom up and including the surrounding walls of your home, there is the right type of insulation for each area you need to insulate. In this regard, an expert insulation contractor like 4Weather will recommend what is best for your home, but it also helps if you have a basic understanding of what wall insulation is.

Various Types Of Wall Insulation

To ensure that your home stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter, choosing the right insulation material is an essential task for a homeowner. You are not only dealing with insulation to keep your energy from leaving the home, but also the right contractor will determine the proper ventilation system to meet the many changes in Calgary’s unpredictable climate.

Different Locations Of Insulation That Is Found In The Home

Insulation is installed in various parts of a building from the ceiling to the floor and the walls; there are five different areas for installing insulation in a house to provide an energy efficient solution throughout the winter and summer seasons. Shown below are the areas of installing insulation materials in the home:

  • Ceiling. Insulating all other parts of the home without touching on the ceiling is leaving a huge escape route for energy loss. The ceiling makes up a significant part of the home, and its insulation adds soundproofing and can save energy throughout the year.
  • Wall. For the most efficient wall insulation, it is best to find some that has a r-value of 12 or higher to maximize the performance of your home and can even help save you money through rebate programs.
  • Attic. Insulating the attic helps to prevent overheating during the summer, which ultimately helps to brings down the cost of cooling the home. Properly insulating your attic is one of the most overlooked aspects of insulation, as when freezing that occurs in the winter time creats moisture in the summer, leading to mold. The topic of attic insulation is one of 4Weather’s main areas of expertise to ensuring your home is both comfortable and safe.
  • Floors. Insulation for flooring can found in the basement, keeping the cold concrete ground layer away from the feet of the family. Creating a proper barrier between the climate of your home and the climate outdoors is our main objective in regards to insulation.
  • Garage. Like all other parts earlier mentioned, your garage also needs insulation to lower the energy costs of your home. The garage requires a layer of insulation if you happen to have a bonus room above the garage. Without the layer of insulation, the cold can enter through the floor of the room and cool down the house. Insulation also makes utilizing your garage in the cold a much easier task.

The following are different types of insulation for your home:

  •    Batts and Rolls Insulation
  •    Loose-Fill/Blown-In Insulation
  •    Reflective Insulation
  •    Rigid Foam Board Insulation

Types of insulation materials:

For each type of insulation, the following insulation materials are found in many different products:

  •    Foam
  •    Cellulose
  •    Fiberglass
  •    Radiant barrier

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