Roof Ventilation


Rainwater, snow or ice that falls on the roof need to be slipped through right to the bottom without collecting anywhere on the roof and for this, the roof should have the proper slant and adequate ventilation to ensure that air circulation dries up what is remaining.

If proper ventilation is not accorded to the roof and the elements of water, snow, and ice are permitted to remain on the roof it could seep into the roof structure and cause severe damage oblivious to the homeowner.

Roof venting has to be checked by a professional who has the experience and the expertise in the roofing industry because roofs are specialized structures and need specialized personnel to work on them.

If they find that there is a structural defect in the original plan and proper venting is not taking place and moisture and water remain on the roof, then even reluctantly you may need to carry out the necessary adjustments to accommodate the rectified design to ensure proper venting.

When there is inadequate venting the formation of mildew and mold would be accelerated and it could cause improper insulation on the roof and that in turn could inflate your energy costs. Hence checking your roof venting and ensuring that adequate air circulation is forthcoming would avoid you a bagful of headaches and trouble not forgetting the financial costs that you would have to bear.

Though you may check it out every year it may not suffice that you could take it easy and lay back a few years thinking that all is well as you have been regularly checking the ventilation because in a few months things would not change but one small damage could lead to another, just like the “domino effect” and before you would know it, you could be facing a huge cost to get it rectified. Hence it is always advisable to take preventive action prior to anything serious happening especially in places and areas that you may not be able to gain access other than the professionals who know what to look and where to look.

Improper ventilation could lead to a host of problems with the roofing structure which is the whole timber contraption that holds the upper roofing material without either blowing it away in the wind or falling off the roof due to bad internal construction. A collection of moisture is another major issue that homeowners could encounter due to improper venting and if there are metal clasps, nails, hooks or other roofing materials or supporting materials made of metal they could all rust and cause immense damage in the future whilst placing heavy financial burdens on the homeowners.

Therefore bringing in the professionals every year or when you are apprehensive of anything happening due to the inclement weather a couple of months before would be helpful. It is good to be prudent and have everything checked and the thumbs up gave by the experts, if you are to be relaxed and contented that all is well with the venting in your roof.

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