Venting your residential or commercial roof can harbour a variety of advantages for your respective property. A professional roof ventilation system helps protect your roof from moisture damages and reuglate home temperatures. A variety of roof vents serve a range of purposes to in the goal of providing adequate ventilation for your roof.

Proper roof ventilation systems provide shingle protection, water damage protection and energy saving benefits. Do not let your roof venting project take longer, costs more and or be less beneficial than it can be with improper building processes. Inexperienced and uninformed builders can do much more harm than good with your next roof-venting project. Trust all your roof ventilation needs to an experienced and trusted professional contractor.

At 4 Weather,  our team will make sure your roof receives the ideal ventilation system for the specific goals and build of your respective project and roof. Contact 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing for roof vent services today! Whether you require roof venting for a new construction or to repair roof ventilation damage you can trust 4 Weather.


Installing a professional roof ventilation system has a variety of great benefits that can partially rotate through the seasons. In warm Calgary summers, roof vents can act as the key airflow avenue for unwanted heat to escape your home or business. For cold and or wet Calgary winters, the roof airflow directly combats moisture damage and ice dam formation on your commercial or residential roof. If you have any question concerning roofing vents, or if you are unsure if your roof needs more ventilation, call or email 4 Weather Insulation & roofing today. We are here to service each of your roof venting needs!


Air intake vents are great for letting outside air move into the roof ventilation areas. These vents are best used in conjunction with exhaust vents in order to take advantage of the natural convection occurring. Air intake vents are great for combatting water and frost damage, by bringing in new air to the roof of your home or business. Continuous or individual soffit vents, as well as drip edge and or eve vest are common examples of air intake ventilation products. To get the most from your air intake roof vents feel free to contact 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing today!


Exhaust vents accomplish the opposite goal of air intake vents, as their main purpose is to expel air from the home. There are ranges of exhaust vents that accomplish different roles and are placed in different places on the roof. Ridge vents are installed along the ridge or spine of the roof’s peak. Static vents are single vents installed near roof spines. Gable-end vents are installed on the exterior walls of build where the gable ends have their peak. Many exhaust vent products are best used with air intake vents to accomplish your roof ventilation needs.


Single roof vents to not have the same benefits as a complete roof ventilation system. Often times, home or business owners believe that since there is visible vent on their roof, that the roof has a ventilation system installed. Though this complacent view can often lead to moisture prematurely damaged roofs. Make sure that your roof ventilation system is complete and covers each aspect of your roof ventilation needs. Call or email 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing today to schedule a free, no obligation roof ventilation consultation!


There are a number of problems that can arise from bad roof venting. Calgary homes and businesses are often built with amazing roofing systems. Protect your commercial or residential roof from harsh Calgary weather conditions, seasonal temperatures and drastic temperature changes with a professional roof ventilation systems. These systems provide several advantages that help promote a more functional home and reduce the need for a premature roof replacement. The roof venting experts at 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing have what it takes to perfectly install the ideal roof ventilation system for your property. Our team has years of experience install roof venting systems with clients across Calgary.

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