Proper ventilation is essential in maximizing the full potential of your insulation. These two things go hand in hand in ensuring that there is proper air circulation throughout your attic. By doing this you ensure that your hot air will escape in the summer keeping your home cooler and moisture will escape in the winter reducing condensation buildup.

Properly installed ventilation allows your insulator to fill all the nooks and crannies thereby giving you the proper R-value all the way through your home or business. Making sure that you are getting what you have paid for!

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We provide professional attic ventilation services for Calgary and surrounding communities. Insulation is effective fro helping increase your attics functionality but can trap air and create moisture, without the proper ventilation systems in place.  It is important to have proper attic ventilation to reduce the build-up of moisture in the attic or condensation on the underside of the roof. Venting your attic with 4 Weather can help your roofing shingles last longer, lower heating & cooling bills, and reduce the chance of ice dams.


Professionally installed, quality roof vents by 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing improves a home’s overall air flow and establishes a proper balance of air pressure of the homes interior and the exterior. Roof venting, such as box vents, soffit vents, ridge vents, turbine vents and others can keep your property at an ideal temperature in any season.  Our industry leading roof ventilation ensures to protect your homes sanctity. Contact us for a free roof vent inspection.


Providing perfect soffit venting system for open-rafter construction has never been easy for many contractors and builders. Soffit vents are installed on the edges of roofs and allow for air to enter the roof at the lowest point, which deters ice in moisture build up in the attic space. If you are looking for a soffit vent installation contractor 4 Weather is the right choice for you. Our skilled professionals can assist with your soffit venting needs. Even with too few options they can effective install a ridge-and-soffit venting system that will provide a perfect weather-shielded outlet and enhance the indoor air condition. 


4 Weather Insulation & Roofing provides professional ventilation services for commercial properties as well as residential. Our commercial ventilation experts ensure a property has the essential air flow and air quality the businesses need to flourish and remain comfortable. We are able to successfully reduce the energy bills of many of our commercial ventilation clients through our state of the art methods and the quality ventillation products we instal.


We provide quality vent installation services for commercial and home ventilation. Here is what sets us apart from the other ventilation contractors in Calgary area:

    • We install perfect baffles in the ventilation that checks water infiltration and wind blown moisture
    • We use UV-resistant coating in the foam blocks
    • For venting tabs, we ensure that the tabs are in perfect alignments and maintains uniform distances
    • Our soffit vents maintain great room temperature control
    • We stress on effective recirculation process to save energy.

If you have an urgent requirement for an effective soffit vent or if you are looking for a detailed discussion with specialists at 4Weather please get in touch with us.

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