Benefits of Soffit Ventilation

Ventilation in a home is a big factor in comfort, energy consumption, and lifespan of the roof. When done properly, the ventilation works well with the furnace and AC system in place, making the house comfortable regardless of the weather outside. The right technology in ventilation then does really matter. When it comes to ventilation, Soffit vents offer several benefits over other technologies.


What are Soffit Vents?

These are ventilation devices that are installed under the eaves of a roof and extend past the warm wall line. These vents bring in air from outside into the attic instead of the rooms beneath. This creates an air circuit in the attic where the roof ventilation takes over.


Types of Soffit Vents

  • Individual vents – As the name suggests these are single piece vents. They are popular for installing in partitioned attics, busy kitchens, and hot bedrooms. They are easy to install in problematic areas.
  • Continuous vents – These vents are installed for longer runs, and where larger volumes of air are needed. They are typically found in the long and narrow fashion. Continuous vents are combined to make longer runs, which makes them suitable for larger attics.


Why Attic Ventilation?

The need for insulating the attic is well recognized, so why would you insulate against cold air in the attic, and then install vents to bring cold air in? Soffit vents act as outlets from the attic. This is very useful in controlling moisture and pressure in the attic.

In winter, hot air from below; kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms, condenses in the attic. This moisture buildup can be damaging if not checked. It can lead to the growth of black mold in the attic. This poses a health risk to your family as mold spores cause respiratory illnesses. Soffit vents allow this moisture to flow out of the attic.

In the hot weather of the summer, the heated roof warms up the air in the attic, which also combines with the heated air coming from the rooms below. This can increase air pressure in the attic causing cracks in the roof structure. The heated air also condenses in the night’s cold air, which brings up the risk of moisture buildup. Vents let heated this air flow out of the attic easing the pressure and keeping the moisture at minimal levels.


Energy Efficiency & Soffit Ventilation

Roof electric fans regulate temperature in the air by venting out heated air which allows cooler air from Soffit vents to come in. in the absence of this, the fans would vent conditioned air from the attic making the AC in the house, work harder, which increases energy use. Properly installed Soffit vents keep energy use at optimal levels.

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