Many homeowners are usually conflicted on soffit ventilation and attic ventilation. What is the need for ventilating a space that is already insulated for warmth? But there good reasons for attic ventilation and improving the ventilation in your home:

  • Ventilation allows the air in the attic to vent outside carrying off humidity with it. This prevents moisture buildup, preventing the growth of black mold in the attic.
  • Homeowners intending to install asphalt shingles are typically forced to ventilate the attic as per the warranty’s terms and conditions.

Soffit ventilation works well for improving airflow in the attic. This kind of ventilation is installed under the eaves at the outer edge. This kind of ventilation works very well when combined with other roof ventilation like roof fans. This is done fast and easy when working with the professional ventilation team at 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing.


Measuring The Soffit Vents

The measurements are done depending on the type of vents chosen. The typical measurements are 3 inches width and 8 feet length. Measure parallel lines with the width running the center of the soffit. The spacing should be 2 inches.


Cutting The Lines For Soffit Vents

A 3⁄4- or 1-in.-diameter hole is drilled in the soffit right. This is done in between the lines. The chunkiness of the soffit panel (probably 1⁄4 or 3⁄8 in.) guides the depth of the saw. A circular saw works best.


Connecting The Cuts

The two cuts should be connected near the end of the soffit with a sharp chisel. Remove the cuts made. The cuts should be clean without any insulation clogging the lines.


Raising The Soffit Vents

Drill 1/8 inch holes through both flanges, spacing the holes 12-14 inches apart. Place the vent over the slots and attach in place using ½ inch long Number 4 metal screws. Attach the vents this way until the end of the slot. Any protruding vents are cut off using aviation snips.


Clear The Ventilation

Clear any insulation blocking the vent. The insulation can prevent the airflow, one advantage of working with 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing is the rounded knowledge of roofing, insulation, and ventilation. Clearing the vents ensures the flow of air adheres to the needs of the home and changing Calgary climate.


Installing The Ventilation Baffle

It is important to ensure that the airway remains open at the end. This can be done by installing a ventilation baffle. There are commonly available polystyrene baffles that can be attached to the plywood sheathing.


Why You Improve Attic & Soffit Ventilation

Attic ventilation is very effective in improving the airflow in the attic. Soffit vents especially have an optimal air intake that maintains the right balance in the attic. The vents allow humid hot air to escape and bring in cold air. This prevents condensation in the attic.

Soffit vent installation can improve the energy efficiency of a house by keeping the temperature of the rooms underneath stable. The house can see a significant energy efficiency improvement when attic vents work with roofing vents.

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