Continuous Soffit Ventilation

Well installed Soffit vents work very well in keeping the attic’s air well regulated. They prevent moisture build up, and keep energy use low. Continuous soffit vents extend the length of the soffit. They are installed underneath the eaves at the edges or in the middle. Soffit vents are long and narrow, typically measuring 4 inches in width and 8 feet in length.  Why should one consider installing continuous soffit vents?


Moisture Ventilation

Soffit vents take a louver pattern which is very effective in keeping away rain and snow from roof boards and ceiling insulation. These vents keep the roof sheathing dry and well ventilated.  Keeping these components dry ensures a longer lifespan for the roof.


Mold Prevention

During cold weather, warm air from below condenses in the attic. Condensation also occurs along the eaves of the roof. This moisture buildup can lead to the growth of black mold, which is a health hazard and also damages the roof’s structure. Venting this moisture prevents a conducive environment for mold growth.


Better Energy Efficiency

During hot weather, the attic’s air temperature will be higher than that of the rest of the house. This heated air will leak into the rooms below making the AC and furnace work harder, which consumes more energy than usual. This could also happen when the attic ventilation is not properly done. The roof fans will vent air out of the attic which encourages conditioned air to flow into the attic and out of the building. Soffit vents allow outside air to replace air vented by the roof fans keeping the attic and the rooms below conditioned.


Improved Air Flow

Continuous soffit vents are very efficient in keeping the air flowing in the attic. They are able to draw in optimum volumes of cooler air from the outside which replaces hot and humid air in the attic. Better air flow in the attic.


Roof Protection

A poorly ventilated attic suffers from high air pressure, overheating of roof parts and moisture buildup. By venting keeping the air in the attic well ventilated, continuous soffit vents ensure the longevity of the roof’s structure.



Continuous soffit vents have a narrow profile which makes them suitable for different architectural roofing styles. These vents are also compatible with many of the commonly available exhaust ventilators. They will work with Electric Attic Fans, Wind Turbines, Solar Powered Attic Fans, Boxed Vents, Ridge Vents, and Hip Roof Ventilation.

When well installed, Soffit continuous vents will offer advantages in comfort, energy use, and roof lifespan.

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