We provide professional new roof installation and new roof replacement services for Calgary & surrounding areas. A new roof for you home or business can not only improve the aesthetic appearance of the properties exterior, it also increases the value, ensures longevity, and protects the sanctity of the home or business. We work with a number of premium roof materials and products, and we guarantee the longevity of the roofs we supply and instal with a 10-year service warranty on top of the product warranty.

A new roof installed by 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing comes with a 10 years service warranty, and the contractors and homeowners that use 4 Weather know that we use only the best materials available. We refuse to cut corners or use cheaper products. That’s how we are able to guarantee the quality of the roofs we install. It can be tough to choose a roofing contractor, there are numerous factors such as price, warranty, experience and products they use. We provide free, no-obligation estimates with honest knowledge by industry experts. If you are looking for a professional new roof contractor in Calgary contact us!

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We use a variety of quality roofing shingles and roofing materials. The products we provide to our clients allow us to accommodate their unique roofing needs. We will make professional recommendations on which products will best suit your budgets and the needs of your property. One thing we guarantee is the industry leading installation of underlayment, flashing and shingles. When we instal a
full new roof you know that the property has proper slope, drainage, venting, flashing and underlayment needed to maintain durability and longevity.


At 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing, we specialize in new roof installation. We take pride in our services with an industry-leading dedication to safety. We work hard to instal a new roof deck, roof underlayment materials and ice protection sheets. We install shingle, ventilation and flashing with the upmost care. We provide maticulous inspections after every specific installation process, to ensure that no corners are cut and that no setbacks are later incurred. When your roof is installed by 4 Weather you know the job is done to the highest standard with proper drainage, slope, and shingles that look great and lasts fro decades!


Roof underlayment is essential when conducting a new roof project. The underlayment provides a water resistant barrier between the shingles and the base roof deck. Roof underlayment is installed before the shingles to protect the structural integrity of the home from the violent forces of nature, including high winds and moisture. Without underlayment moisture and water would wreck havoc on a property as it seeps between the shingles, causing attic and roof damage and mold.  Due to the severity and unpredictability of Calgary weather, the installation of proper roofing underlayment is an essential component of any professional roof installation.


Roof flashing is another essential component in new roof installation. Much like underlayment, it is a system installed to better protect a home from the damages of climate, preventing water and moisture from entering a home. Roof flashing is usually a thin piece of impervious material (often metal) that is installed around valleys, vents and skylights located on a roof. Flashing is installed to prevent the passage of water from the roof to the structure from a joint. Drip edge flashing allows water to freely flow off the roof and should be installed properly to ensure the durability and longevity of a roofing system.


Our revolutionary ventilation systems prolong the life and functionality of your roof, we make sure we install the roof vents in the proper locations, allowing for free airflow from the attic to outside. The roof ventilation we instal improves the natural ventilation of a property and most importantly the attic. Roof vents are designed to relieve moisture and stimulate the airflow which prevents mold and improves the homes natural thermostat. In Calgary, proper roof ventilation is a necessity as it relieves the pressure and moisture as the seasons and climate changes. Every new roof that we instal or replace is equipped with the ventilation needed to further improve the longevity and functionality of the roof and attic system.


With the over 50 inches of snow and hundreds of millimetres of rain Calgary can see in a year, coupled with summer temperatures that reach near 30 degrees celsius and winter temperature that reach near negative 30 degrees celsius; it is easy to see how moisture can quickly build up, melt and freeze of your Calgary roof. Without a sound roof, with the proper underlayment, shingles, insulation and ventilation, Calgary weather, including chinook and storm based winds, can do serious damage to your roof and property interior. If you live in Calgary and are in need of a new roof that is installed by a professional contractor that uses premium materials contact 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing.

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