Flashing is the roofing material used for sealing joints on your roof. It comes in different types including counter flashing, back pan flashing and step flashing. It is often used on the chimney, as well as in the repair of the damaged roof.

Roof flashing is an important part of your roofing. It helps to seal and protect your roofing joints from leaking.  The flashing you use on your roof will go a long way to determine the reliability of your roofing against leaking. However, not every roofing contractor understand the importance of flashing to roofing, and so one may not guarantee that every contractor will use it when your roof is contracted to them.

When you need to repair your roof leaks, flashing is required.  It is a way to ensure a perfect job is done and prevent the water from damaging your home. Most times, getting the right flashing material isn’t a guarantee you will have the best outcome if not handled by a competent roofer.  Therefore, a good flashing product needs the qualified roofing contractor to do a proper job.

Importance Of Roof Flashing

Flashing helps the building contractors with the flexibility of roof designs. Imagine how it will be possible to have a leak-proof roof with a chimney up on your roof or think of a dormer jet on your roof without water pouring inside of your home. This is the work of flashing to help you keep off the waters. Flashing allows builders to create amazing rooftop designs with confidence that your roof will not leak.

While flashing can help to protect your roof from leaking, it is important to have your flashing installation done by a competent roofer. A qualified roofing contractor is one with knowledge of the materials to use and the core value to offer the best service possible.


Roof Flashing & Roof Repair

Unfortunately, it is not always the case form homeowners to pick the best roofing contractor to carry out a flashing job properly. The following tips will help you understand the proper way to use flashing when repairing a leaking roof.

  • Replace flashing anytime you replace your roof shingles, except wall or step siding
  • Make sure that the contractor properly installs the flashing to prevent leaks. This is often done by clean application of flashing on the affected areas of the roof.
  • It is best to replace flashing when you re-roof. This is to prevent leaving holes on your roof after you reroofed.
  • Every new flashing has the expiry date of about 30years. It is expected that anytime you work on your roof, a new flashing should be applied to renew the expected duration. Anytime you work on your roof you need to consider new flashing to maintain the longevity of the roof.


Roof Flashing Tips

  • Get the right roofing contractor. A professional has a name to protect.
  • Avoid massacre of tar on the flashing
  • Make sure every metal on your roof extend by 4 inches this will prevent water penetration
  • Make sure your roofer remove exterior covering of the area to flash, failure will result in leaks

You can have a deserving peace of mind if you get a competent roofer for your flashing. For a qualified roofing contractor for your flashing works, contact us today.

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