Although building materials can last quite some time before needing repair or replacement, you need to know when your home roofing needs attention. Like all home improvement projects, early detection of a damaged roof can save you huge sum in expenses. This article will provide some warning signs to look for to detect a damaged roof.

Regular Roof Inspections

Weather, ages and intentional and unintentional damages may lead to your roof leaking. While it is rare to experience an intentional act of damage to your roof, weather and other environmental issues and ages of your roof are often responsible for roof damage. For this reason, it is important to carry out a periodic roof inspection to detect potential problems and fix it ASAP before it becomes bigger than you can manage.

During the regular roof inspection, you want to watch both inside and out to detect a leaking roof. The following roof damage warning signs will reveal any possible roof damage to save your roof from becoming damaged.

Inside Roof Inspection

Your home attic holds vital information regarding the state of your roof. If any part of the roof is going bad, you can easily find out from the attic. To begin your examination, you need to go to under the ceiling to look for the following sings:

  1. Water sign or damage: Water signs can be detected with ease. If any part of the roof is leaking, it is easy to spot when you go close to the roof from the attic. Any wet or dampened area means there are leakages in the spotted areas.
  2. Look for any sag area: A good roof should stand firm. If you any part if the roof is sagging and not standing firm should be marked for proper leak checking.
  3. Dark spot on the ceiling: If your ceiling is painted white as most are, any dark spot means water is at work and a sign of leakage.
  4. Skylight reflection: If you could see through the roof to the sky, it means your roof has an opening to the outside which could be as a result of leakage.

Outside Roof Inspections

You need to go up the roof to carry out this investigation. The leak signs to watch for are the following:

  • Shingles check: Look for damaged, missing or torn shingles.
  • Joint check: Examine such areas where the roof is joined, vent or pipes. Look carefully at such area for loose or dampness. If you locate loose joint, you are likely going to have a leaking roof.
  • Watch for mold: Mold is as a result of moisture. If you notice any part of your home roof with mold or rot, you are going to have leak roof soon if it’s not leaking already.

If you notice any of the listed items in part 1 and 2 above, you need to take immediate action to correct the trouble areas so you won’t have a leaking roof anytime soon if it is not leaking already.

Fixing a leaking roof for most homeowners isn’t easy. If you need professional help to detect and fix your leaking roof, contact us at 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing we offer a free consultation.

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