While it is understandable that you cannot entirely prevent heat from escaping your home, there are places to check and improve upon when it comes to insulation. There are different sources of energy to keep the house warm and comfortable. No matter your source of energy, you’ll need properly implemented insulation to maximize the your home’s warmth in the winter, and coolness in the summer.

Although you need an expert’s assessment of your home to pinpoint areas requiring insulation, the following is an outline of places known for energy leaks in the house.

  1. The walls. The walls of your home are one of the biggest culprits of heat loss. It is estimated that about 35% of your home’s energy loss is due to improper installation of joints, windows, and other home use items built in or attached to the wall. Use an expert to determine the proper way to insulate the wall, especially to ensure a consistent climate.
  2. The foundation. The foundation of the house is often neglected, but it holds the key to energy saving when adequately insulated.
  3. The roof. The rising of hot air caused by heat makes the roof another culprit for energy loss as heat tends to rise the roof and escape. Consider insulating your roof as part of your energy cost saving measure through proper insulation.
  4. Areas with drafts. The freezing temperature outside the home and warm inner temperature often create drafts in winter times. You will usually find drafts in such areas as doorways, fireplaces, windows and in all areas where there are holes in the floor, wall, and ceiling.
  5. Outlets & switches. The switches and socket outlets are notorious for drafts. Unless adequately identified and sealed for proper insulation, they are potential problem areas in your home.
  6. Ducts. The ducts interface with the interior and exterior areas of your home and are potential places to lose energy if not well insulated. With the right insulation expert, you can overcome the challenge of heat loss in the ducting system.
  7. Attic. The attic serves many purposes for storage, but letting out your home’s heat if not well insulated can be problem . Unless you properly insulate the attic, the rising hot air will find an escape route in the attic and cost you money in trying to keep your home’s energy bills down.
  8. Floors. We often take for granted the floor in most homes for insulation. Consider insulating your floors to prevent energy loss.
  9. Windows. You may have heard energy savings when you draw your drapes, providing a barrier between the home’s climate and the cold windows.  Many homeowners worry about the potential energy loss as a result of improperly insulated windows. Make sure to use a company that can offer energy-efficient options when it comes to windows.

Now that you know the areas of likely areas of energy loss which can keep your energy costs up, you need to talk to an expert to take an assessment of your home’s insulation. If you live anywhere in or around Calgary, you can contact 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing at (403) 455-6964 or send an email to

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