Gypsum board, loose-fill, spray foam and insulation batts are designed to act as a sound barrier inside of property walls, floor and ceilings. The insulation absorbs sound that would travel throughout the home or business, resulting in a much quieter building. Soundproofing with insulation in your home can have several benefits!  

Soundproofing different areas in your property allows for much more privacy and separation of areas within the home or business. Families will benefit from the decreased noise travelling though the home. While singles will appreciate the respective increases in privacy that soundproofing can bring.

The professionals at 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing can soundproof your residential and or commercial properties. Feel free to contact 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing with your emergency Soundproofing needs. We are here 24/7 to meet your Calgary soundproofing requirements.

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Soundproofing a room has several advantages. If the room is used for any sound generating purposes, soundproofing allows for the sounds to stay in the room. Soundproofing can also add a large level of privacy to any room in your home or business. Soundproofing often makes for a much more peaceful environment with respective rooms. Feel free to contact 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing today with your Calgary room soundproofing insulation needs!


Soundproofing makes sure that the noises made in certain rooms do not distract or irritate others in the home or business. Essentially soundproofing makes for a more peaceful living and or working environment. Apart from keeping noises in respective areas, soundproofing insulation can have all the advantages of regular property insulation. This means that soundproofing insulation can help to warm rooms and to decrease energy requirements for heating your home or business. Contact 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing for more information on how soundproofing helps your home or business.


Your business can benefit from increased department separation and privacy, while still allowing for open collaborative spaces, with insulation soundproofing. Along with the sound restriction benefits, businesses will see decreased energy costs associated with insulation soundproofing. Trust experienced insulation professionals with all you soundproofing insulation needs. The team at 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing has years of experience and skills with Calgary soundproofing insulation.


The measure of noise resistance in a wall, floor or ceiling is known as STC (Sound Transmission Class).  A uninsulated constructed wall yields an STC of 15 to 35, which can still allow an abundance of sounds through the wall.  The installation of a 3-inch insulation batt or  1/2 inch gypsum board, can boost your wall STC to 45. Floors and ceilings that are constructed with gypsum boards and utilise insulation batts or spray foam insulation can offer a high STC level of 53. Insulation is an effective tool for soundproofing your Calgary home or business.

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