If you’re considering a renovation of your home or looking to save money on your energy bills, paying attention to your crawl space insulation is an item you cannot ignore. If you have a crawl space in your home, experts recommend you should insulate it properly to promote energy efficiency in your home. We all know how important the conservation of energy can be for the average homeowner, but a study shows that homeowners who do not think about it are due to lack of information about the importance of insulating the crawl space.

What are the benefits of insulating the crawl space?

A crawl space provides extra storage options for homeowners and is a welcome addition when space is running low in the home for extra or seasonal items. Keeping the crawl space protected from the elements ensures that not only that your home maintains its climate, but it also protects the belongings in the space. The following benefits have been traced to crawl space insulation when properly installed in the home.

  • It promotes energy efficiency. It helps for the efficient functioning of your air conditioner and furnace by keeping the warm or cool air in your home, not escaping outside.
  • It saves money. By installing insulation in your crawl space, less energy is spent on cooling or heating your home, saving you money over the year.
  • It promotes a healthy home. A reduction in the use of an air conditioning system and furnace support a healthier home environment where there are less potential harmful toxins entering the home.
  • It promotes comfort. Having a consistent temperature in your home makes it that much more comfortable, providing a better sleep and more productive days.

Crawl space insulation helps to turn your home into energy efficient system by helping to control the amount of moisture and seal up an escape route for interior temperatures and promote optimum ventilation in the home. Experts have established that about 30% of energy is lost in a house where the crawl spaces are not adequately insulated because hot air rises and could go in any direction leading to energy escape. More often than not, many homeowners tend to overlook the potential energy loss associated with crawl space areas of the home.

Problems associated with crawl spaces that aren’t insulated

By nature, crawl spaces contain some home utility resources that, when exposed, could harm their performance and ultimately your home’s health. If the crawl spaces are left exposed, it can lead to plumbing and other pipes experiencing extreme temperatures, which may cause it to freeze and rupture/burst leading to larger issues such as flooding and mold/mildew growth. The same situation can happen to the heating ducts and could lead to energy loss, resulting in a higher cost of running the furnace.

You Can Save Money!

By attending to your crawl space insulation today, you can protect yourself from unforeseen expenditures arising from damaged pipes, inefficient heating, and loss of valuable water and energy to run your home. Talk to 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing for all your insulation questions.

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