Blown-in insulation can improve the energy efficiency, general atmosphere, and comfort, as well as the environmental consciousness of your home or business. More specifically, blown-in insulation is efficient to install and remove and is ideal for certain areas in the building. Blown-In insulation can be the perfect insulation from for your specific property insulation needs!

The installation and removal of blown-in insulation are often much faster than other types of insulation. As blown-in insulation uses a spraying technique rather than cutting pads of insulation, this installation process is often much less costly and time-consuming. Attics, walls and other areas of the home or business can benefit largely from professionally installing blown-in insulation materials.

4 Weather insulation & Roofing works with clients across Calgary and the surrounding area, proving top quality blown-in insulation services. We are available for regularly scheduled appointments, as well as for 24/7 emergency calls. If you have any blown-in insulation needs or questions contact 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing today!


Attics are often ideal spaces for loose fill, blown-in insulation. Uninsulated attics can cause for a large amount of heat loss in the home, resulting in higher energy bills and a less comfortable property. Blown-in attic insulation requires bricks of loose-fill insulation to be broken down and sprayed throughout the attic space. The equipment and processes required are quite costly and require insulation expertise. Trust the professionals at 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing with all your blown-in attic insulation needs!


Walls in Calgary homes and business often have a middle cavity. These cavities can be effectively filled with blow in insulation. The insulation carries an average R-value of roughly 3.5 per inch of thickness. Applying 8 or more inches of loss fill insulation into the wall cavity can effectively protect the wall form losing air in even the coldest of Calgary temperatures. If the cavitny is less than 8 inches thick, spray foam insualtion will be a better insualtion choice.   


If some sort of flood, mold or fire damage has effected your blown-in insulation, or if it has become too old to work properly, consider blow-in insulation removal. Similar to the installation of blown-in insulation, the removal process involves running the insulation materials though a large hose. The difference being that this time the hose is sucking up the insulation, and removing it from the home or business. For all your blown-in insulation removal needs, contact 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing!


Calgary is a beautiful city and has amazing properties. To make the most out of your great Calgary residence or business, make sure it is properly insulated. Blown-in insulation and blown attic insulation can help to ensure that your Calgary home or business is as comfortable, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly as possible. The team at 4 Weather insulation & Roofing can help with all your blown-in insulation questions as well as insulation installation and or removal needs!

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