Insulating your basement does not only increase the general warmth felt in the space. Providing quality insulation throughout your basement can increase the energy efficiency in the home, as well as help protect the area from any moisture issues that could occur in the basement. Basement insulation helps the entire home and improves the lifestyle of those that commonly use the basement.

As basements can be the coolest area of the home and account for roughly 20% of your home’s total heat loss, insulating the space can have countless benefits. Insulating your basement provides energy savings and increased comfort throughout the basement. The effectiveness of basement insulation can vary on the location of your property, the heating system and the existing fuel costs in the home or business.

4 Weather Insulation & Roofing can inspect your basement in order to decide whether basement insulation is ideal for your home. We also have all the expertise required for all your potential basement insulation installation and removal needs.


There are several steps required to properly insulate a basement. The basement area must be properly prepped and a moisture barrier must be created using the appropriate foam or waterproof caulking materials before the insulation installation can begin. The installation itself is a multistep process that can vary in time and cost depending on the materials required as well as the size and specific insulation requirements of the basement. Basement floors, walls and ceilings can benefit from insulation services.


Insulating the walls in your basement can have several benefits for your property and your lifestyle alike. Applying spray foam insulation to the side of your walls can be more effective, though this can require large excavation service and a be a costly process. Interior basement insulation can be done using rigid mineral wool boards, high-density polystyrene (spray foam) and polyurethane board. Interior basement wall insulation also allows for a faster project time.


Soundproofing the ceiling of the basement in your home or business deters sound from going upstairs and from coming downstairs. Basement soundproofing can result in a more private living space within the basement, as well as allows for noises in the basement to not bother or distract people in upper levels of the building. Basement soundproofing can be accomplished with insulation batts, though a layer of spray foam your basement’s ceiling can provide a more effective and tight seal. Soundproofing your basement can truly increase the functionality of the space.


Ruble basement foundation and concrete block basement foundation can have slight air leakage points fro heat to escape. Basement floors that are uninsulated can have heat absorbed through the cold and moist dirt that lies beneath the basement. Heat also rise, so the heat that your basement does have escape through an uninsulated ceiling. Poured concrete basement walls can act similarly to basement floors, by absorbing the heat from your basement space. Utilising spray foam insulation to seal leakage points and other forms of insulation can create higher leaves or R-value within your basement.


Concrete basement floors can often absorb heat and make the basement space much less appealing for homeowners. If the basement floor is damp in any way the source of the dampness must be found before insulation is installed. The moisture leak can be sealed with waterproof caulking or closed cell spray foam. Rigid foam board can then be installed on the basement floor. A layer of flooring will be required over the boards. Insulating the floors in your basement can allow for a more luxurious and welcoming feel to the room, adding adding up to 7 degrees of warmth to the basement, as well as can save homeowners money in energy heating expenses.


Calgary basements can often be much more enjoyable in the summer, as they are often cold and dark places within homes. To increase the all season appeal of your existing basement space, or the get the most from your next prospective basement renovation project, consider basement insulation services. 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing can help turn your basement into the most luxurious and welcoming space in your home or business. Let us make your basement a great space in your home, for warm and cold seasons alike!

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