Insulation has been providing home and business owners with energy savings for decades. Sealing walls, attics, windows, floors, and basements can lower your unwanted air loss by upwards of 50%. As an added incentive, Energy Efficiency Alberta has launched a program to offer project rebates when property owners invest in these energy-saving materials.

Contractors registered with the network and when they are approved, they are able to offer products and services that allow for future rebates. Insulation rebates can be obtained across several types of insulation, including batts, blown-in, rigid board and spray foam.

At 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing, we were excited by the opportunity to provide a more rewarding service for our clients while improving our environment and ecological footprint. Our team can help guide you through the rebate application process. For professional and energy efficient insulation services, contact 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing today!


Alberta Home Improvement Rebate Program

Starting on April 28, 2017, Energy Efficiency Alberta launched a program to provide property owners with financial rebates as a reward for investing in energy efficient materials. Energy efficient windows, appliances and insulation are the three main categories. The program aims to raise awareness about energy efficient material options, to promote an increased commitment to energy efficiency in our homes and businesses, as well as to promote the overall development of the energy efficiency industry. Insulation project rebates can save you up to $3,500.

How The Program Works

The promise of the program is that, the more energy savings the project will provide, the higher the rebate the homeowner will receive. First, contractors register and go through a screening process. Homeowners can then select from a list of registered contractors on the Alberta Energy Efficiency website. Contractors guide homeowners through each step of the application process and help determine the exact rebate amount the project could yield. When projects are completed, rebates are sent directly to homeowners.

Insulation Rebate Program

Insulation rebates are based on the area you choose to insulate, the size of that area, and the insulation material used. The respective increase in R-value also plays a role in defining the future project rebates. These are estimated rebate amounts for insulating 3 common areas of the home:

  • Attic – When an attic’s R-value is increased from R-12 to R-50 the future rebate will likely be $54.50 per square foot of installed insulation.
  • Main Walls – Increasing your wall insulation from R-12 to R-20 can offer a rebate upwards of $42.00 per square foot.
  • Basements – Many basements are uninsulated and have an R-value of R-0. Improving this relative R-value to a basic R-12 can still offer rebate amounts well over $90.00 per square foot installed.

Working With An Insulation Contractor

All registered contractors on the Alberta Energy Efficiency program have undergone the same screening process to ensure they have the experience and capabilities to meet your insulation needs. 4Weather Insulation & Roofing is one of these companies who have been vetted by the Alberta Energy Efficiency program. Contractors have to prove that they are fully licensed and have $2 million in both liability as well as worker safety insurance. Contractors must also prove that they are registered with the Workers Compensation Board, have committed to future training requirements, and have a GST number that confirms the registration of the business.

Consumer Insulation Tips

Only trust your home insulation needs to experienced professionals. Consider these tips to help ensure you are never taken advantage of by illegal business proposals or practices.

  • If someone calls you and attempts to sell you something under the Alberta Energy Efficiency name, they are lying. Immediately hang up and report the call to the Alberta Energy Efficiency consumer protection line at: 1-877-427-4088.
  • If you have received a sales call and feel unsure, contact Alberta Energy Efficiency to ask any questions.
  • In a door-to-door sales effort, always ask of company identification, be cautious and never let yourself be pressured into an unwanted sale. If you feel unsure about any doorstep sales efforts, contact the consumer helpline anytime.

You can trust that 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing is honest, accountable and professional. We are fully registered under the Alberta Energy Efficient Rebate Program and are here to meet your specific insulation energy saving needs.

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