Even insulation with lifetime warranties and with very high R-values, require proper installation methods to adequately function. Installing insulation in your home or business is a multi-step process that requires specific equipment and knowledge. Without the right installation processes, your insulation can be less effective and more susceptible to damage.

Insulation installation can also require removal services for old, harmful or damaged insulation materials. These materials can contain dangerous substances for your skin and lungs. For safe and effective insulation installation services, always trust an experienced professional.

With years of professional insulation installation experience, the experts at 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing accomplish your insulation installation needs. We can ensure that your high-quality insulation materials live up their full potential. Contact 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing for your Calgary insulation installation projects.

Insulation Installation For Your Home Or Business

Installing your own insulation can be costly, time-consuming and even expensive. Flooring or wall insulation can require removal of other building materials. Blown-in and spray foam insulation require specific machines and attachments to be properly applied. Old insulation can breed dangerous molds or other contaminants as well as can be manufactured with asbestos. Improper installations can cause your insulation to become obsolete or easily damaged. Don’t burden yourself with these considerations and potential issues; rather contact 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing with all your new home insulation and insulation installation needs!

Insulation Installation Process

The processes associated with your insulation installation needs are directly dictated by your specific insulation goals and location. These are the general insulation installation processes associated with commonly used insulation materials

  • Blankets – Insulation blankets or batts come in rolls and are installed between joists or fame boards The insulation pieces are cut into desired sized and single placed snuggly around walls, windows, and more. This is the most common form of interior home insulation.
  • Loose Fill – Loose fill insulation is broken down form large pads into small chunks. The chunks can be sprayed by a large hose into the desired area. Loose-fill insulation can also be solid directly as small chunks in bags and poured into an area, which is ideal for hard to reach crevices.
  • Liquid Foam – Otherwise knows as spray foam insulation, is poured or sprayed onto surfaces to provide airtight seals with often the highest R-values available. Spray foam can be used to seals small holes or gaps in attics or walls, or as a full coating insulation material.
  • Rigid Boards – Rigid boards are installed by cutting the boards into desired sizes, placing them between studs and then are sealed with a waterproof caulking.
  • Radiant Barriers – This insulation is most commonly used in attics. Radiant barrier insulation is rolled out in large metal looking sheet, ensuring that the placement is snug and flush with the attic rafters. The sheet is then stapled in place to the underside of the rafters and sealed on the edges with aluminium foil tape.

Attic Insulation Installation

Attic spaces are often where the large amounts of heat or cool air can leave your home. This potential heat loss showcases how important it is that your attic insulation is poorly installed. Blown-in attic insulation installation, spray foam insulation, radiant barriers insulation and insulation batts can all be used in attic insulation projects.  The ideal form of insulation depends on your specific insulation goals.

Insulation Removal

The removal of old existing insulation from your home or business is a common initial step of insulation installation services. Depending on the location of your insulation that you are replacing the removal processes can vary. Floor and wall insulation removal services will require taking out flooring and drywall. Blown-in insulation can be more efficiently removed with an insulation vacuum machine. In you need any insulation removal services for your Calgary home or business, contact 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing immediately!

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