Calgary homes and businesses can often become cold and or much less comfortable in winter months. Don’t let your home become less welcoming, due to a lacking insulation system. Utilise professional insulation systems and products to save your home or business from large energy costs.

Insulation can provide your home and or business with a variety of energy saving avenues. Insulation provides short and long-term savings on the energy costs and requirements of your home or business. Insulation not only provides you savings through making better use of the energy in your property but can be a less costly solution than a full heating system upgrade.

Contact the insulation experts at 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing with your energy saving insulation needs. Our team can provide and install insulation to make your energy systems much less costly and more efficient. We provide the ideal insulation types to areas in your home that need it the most.


 Properly and completely installed attic insulation helps to keep heat from exiting your home through the attic and stops moisture from entering the area. Sufficient R-value insulation and completely sealed attic spaces are required to get the energy saving benefits of attic insulation. Full attic insulation projects that provide an R-value of R-49 or higher can cost around, $1,500.00, but can save you around $600.00 per year in energy costs. To get the most from your attic insulation, make sure that a professional insulation contractor installs your attic insulation system. 


Air ducts direct and spread air conditioned or heated air throughout your home or business. Leaky ducts can cause your property energy efficiency to drop by roughly 20%. Though, sealing these ducts with a closed cell spray foam or a caulking material can remedy these losses.  Having more efficient duct system can lower your energy bills and make your property a more “green” environment. You can trust the professionals at 4 Weather, with your duct insulation and sealing needs. 


Make sure your exterior walls are completely insulated from outside conditions, harsh winds and extended cold temperatures that can result in increased needs for energy through winters. To receive the desired energy savings, walls can often need an insulation R-value of R-28 or even higher to compete with Calgary’s cold climate. This means that with an insulation type that offers an average R-value of 3.5 per square in, such as fibreglass insulation batts, you will need roughly 8 inch thick batts. Wall insulation sizes are limited by the space between joists, and the size of cavities in the walls, so a more dense insulation type, such as spray foam can be required. 


The foundation of your home or business provides a range of great insulation opportunities. Your basement space can see major comfort and energy saving benefits for professional insulation systems. Insulating crawl spaces, help to turn the often coldest and uncomfortable areas in your property to very comfortable and welcoming spaces. Slab-on-grade insulation provides the foundation of your home with insulated concrete slabs that keep your home in a more energy efficient and comforting state. 4 weather Insulation & Roofing can provide each aspects of your residential and commercial foundation with professional insulation services.


Not every insulation product is the same. Batt and loose-fill insulation are ideal for very different places in your home or business. The ability for your insulation to prevent airflow to and from your property is deemed the insulation’s R-value. The higher the respective R-value of the insulation used in your home or business the better it will keep a constant in your property. Commercial and residential walls, ceilings, floors, attics and other spaces require separate R-value to accomplish the air flow resistance goals. To get the ideal insulation, to save the most energy in your home or business, call or email 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing!

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