What are the Services Offered by an Insulation Company?

Are you getting high energy bills compared to your neighbors and friends with the same house size and lifestyle? Your house could be leaky, which means your air conditioning or furnace unit is working harder and using more power. Insulation helps to maintain comfort and efficiency.

Do you feel air drafts coming in when sitting close to windows or walls in the house? This is a good pointer that you need to upgrade the insulation. Both residential and commercial premises need good insulation to keep comfort and energy efficiency. You need an insulation company to fix these problems.


What can an insulation company do?

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is where a layer of plastic material is applied to walls, cavities, and cracks in a building’s exterior structure. The material commonly used is polyurethane. There are 3 types of spray foam insulation:

  • High-density insulation – This is applied to exterior surfaces of walls and roofing.
  • Medium insulation – This is done on continuous interior surfaces like interior wall cavities and undersides of the roof in the attic.
  • Low-density insulation – This is applied to gaps and cracks in the walls, edges of doors and windows.


Open Cell Foam Insulation

This is spray insulation that is done in hard to reach places like corner wall cavities. The insulation material expands on drying covering a larger space.


Closed Cell Foam Insulation

This is the more commonly used type of spray foam insulation. The insulating material is denser, which makes it more suitable for wall and roof insulation.


Attic Insulation Service

An uninsulated attic is a major conduit for cold air from the outside. Attic insulation is done in 2 main ways:

  • Cold roof insulation – The insulation is done at joist level which prevents warm air escaping in the unused roof space
  • Warm roof insulation – The insulation is laid between and under the rafters of the roof


Insulation Extraction & Removal

If your old insulation is no longer effective or damaged, it should be removed. Insulation extraction and removal involves stripping and breaking apart the insulation material. It is then removed from the site by vacuuming.


Insulation Repair

Sometimes the insulation is taken apart when making renovations or is infested by mold and other pests. If there is no need to take apart the whole insulation, repair can be done to those sections that are damaged.


Cellulose Removal

Cellulose is a popular insulation material for people looking for green insulation. But it does not stand moisture well and is prone to breaking down faster than plastic insulation.

Insulation installation and removal is a risky job that is better left to the experts. Call us for professional insulation services.

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