Roof leaks are serious issues in commercial and residential roofs. Calgary homes and businesses can become vulnerable to leaks from hail, the wind, foreign objects and gradual shingle decay. Roof leaks require an immediate roof repair before the leaks can lead to more serious property damages. Large roof leaks can seriously damage a roof to the point where a full roof replacement is required.

Don’t let your roof leaks come to cause serious damages. Water damage in the roof and attic, mold growth, large holes in your roof and other issues can all be caused by the smallest of roof leaks. If you suspect a roof leak in your home, contact a professional for roof leak detection services.

Roof leaks can be hard to detect, as the signs of a leak may be quite a large distance from the source. These are some helpful tips to detecting your roof leaks. Repairing roof leaks is not rocket science, but a simple repair can prevent costly repair or replacement in the future. If you have no time or are unable to find the leak in your roof, contact 4 Weather Insulation and Roofing.

Why Roof Leak Detection Can Be Difficult

Roof leaks can show obvious signs in the home. Water damage in the ceiling or walls of the top floor of your home is usually caused by roof leaks. Though this is quite straight forward, these signs can be visible several feet away from the roof leaks source. Running and pooling water is causing the water damage to become visible, while the leak in your roof, is simply allowing the water in.

Look For Missing Shingles or Damaged Ventilation

Missing shingles can be the most obvious sign of a roof leak. If a shingle falls off or is knocked off during a storm, during Christmas light hanging or other roof activities, this can make a roof become very vulnerable to leaks. If you notice any missing shingles, look around the area and on the underside of the missing shingles for holes or moisture. Roof vents can also showcase gaps between the vents and the roof, where sealants have become removed or the vents have been moved.

Inspect Your Attic Insulation

Water and insulation do not mix. Moisture can quickly bond and damage the fibres in insulation, causing very noticeable deterioration in damp insulation pads. If the underside of your roof is covered with insulation pads and one of these pads seems far more deteriorated than the others, this can be a direct sign of a roof leak. Remove this pad and check the surrounding area for gaps in the roof, cracks in the wood or other holes.

Simulate a Storm

Simulating a storm” can be accomplished by spraying a hose onto the top of your roof. A partner can then stay in the attic and wait for moisture to come through the roof. The location, in which the moisture is found, will likely be the source of your roof leak. This process does require at least two people and can only be accomplished in properties with an attic. Of course, if it begins to rain, your can accomplish this inspection alone, utilising the natural downpour on your roof.

Check For Foreign Objects

Foreign objects in your roof can cause major damages and roof leaks. Loose nails can fall out of shingles and pry or puncture your roof. Fallen branches can puncture the topside of your roof. Even something as small and light as a Frisbee can knock roof vents loose or dismantle roof shingles. Thoroughly inspect your roof for loose objects to find a potential source of your commercial or residential roof leak. If these processes are too time-consuming, or if you are still unable to locate the source of your roof leak, feel free to contact 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing. We proudly offer a number of emergency roof repair and leak detection services.

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