Ceiling insulation can play a major role in the effective insulation of your Calgary home or business. Uninsulated ceilings can lead to air leaks through your roofs or second story floors into the lower levels of your property. An insulated ceiling can bring a variety of air temperature, energy efficiency and cost saving benefits to your property.

There are different forms of insulation that can all meet your ceiling insulation needs. Commercial and residential ceilings can both require insulation services. If you have concerns about the lack of insulation in your ceiling, contact a trusted insulation professional.

4 Weather Insulation & Roofing is here to make sure your ceiling area is perfectly insulated. Our ceiling insulation services can improve various aspects of your home’s comfort and functionality. You can book a ceiling insulation consultation with one of our professional contractors today!

Batt and Blanket Ceiling insulation

Batt and blanket insulation is a common form of wall, ceiling, and roof insulation material. Batt and blanket insulation is made of fibreglass materials and is relatively straightforward to install. To get the most from your ceiling batt and blanket insulation, you should consider professional installation services. The insulation needs to be installed perfectly to provide a solid barrier to airflow in your ceilings. Contact 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing for professional batt and blanket ceiling insulation installation services!

Ceiling Insulation Boards

Ceiling insulation boards are a form of rigid insulation that an be install to your ceilings. Rigid insulation is installed by cutting pieces of the insulation and screwing them into the underside of your roof. The boards are installed to your ceilings underside like floorboards. Rigid insulation can have a higher R-value and provide more impactful ceiling airflow barriers then batt and blanket insulation. Rigid insulation needs to be covered with drywall after its insulation to comply with fire codes.

Commercial Ceiling Insulation

Uninsulated commercial ceilings can cause the same drawbacks in regards to air leaks and energy costs as they can in a home. An uninsulated ceiling can lead to a less comfortable and more costly workspace. 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing can accomplish each of your specific commercial ceiling insulation needs. We will inspect your ceiling to determine the ideal insulation type and provide the ideal installation processes for your specific needs.

Ceiling Insulation R-Value

R-value is the measure of airflow resistance a form of insulation can provide. Ceilings with larger gaps and cavities can utilise thicker insulation pads that have a lower R-value. Though, a ceiling that only offers small cavities for insulation will likely need an insulation with a higher R-value, such as spray foam insulation. Insulating with a material that offers an adequate R-value is key to receiving desired home improvemtn and energy saving benefits.

Roof Insulation

The uninsulated roof on top of your ceiling can also be causing major issues in regards to your properties interior comfort and cost to own. Lack of insulation in your roof can cause increased unwanted airflow and moisture in your ceiling, which can lead to moisture and mold development in the roof. Roof and ceiling insulation can often go hand in hand in accomplishing your property insulation goals. If you have any questions about roof and or ceiling insulation, call or email 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing today!

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