When considering ventilation in your home, attics cannot be overlooked. An under ventilated attic can lessen the effectiveness of any insulation in your Calgary attic space. Attic issues and roofing issues that require major roof repairs can be attributed to an under ventilated attic.

Attic ventilation processes are not the same for every property. Various attic sizes, existing issues and ventilation goals will help to define the ideal attic ventilation service for your needs. Attic ventilation professionals can help to inspect your attic to discover the correct ventilation strategies and if ventilation is the right strategy to solve your attic issues.

At 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing, we have the skills and professional experience to handle every step of your attic ventilation project. We work with homeowners to fully inspect their attic space, provide custom quotes and complete the desired project safely and efficiently. Contact 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing today for a free, no obligation attic ventilation inspection. We can address a number of common attic ventilation problems, answer any questions and address attic ventilation myths.

Professional Attic Ventilation

Increasing the ventilation in your home’s attic space can harbour a number of benefits in regards, to comfort, resale value and energy savings. To get the largest benefit from your attic ventilation projects and to ensure that they are done safely, utilise professional attic ventilation services. Attempting the DIY attic ventilation can lead to injury, improper insulation products or processes and property damage, a professional venting contractor can provide attic ventilation tips, advice, and services to ensure you have the necessary ventilation. Some Calgary attic spaces have been found to contain vermiculite and asbestos insulation in the space. Make sure your attic ventilation needs are fully and safely met with the help of an accredited professional.

Signs Of An Under Ventilated Attic

Attic ventilation allows for increased airflow in your attic space. An under ventilated attic does not have the desirable amounts of airflow and can lead to a number of issues. 4 key signs that your Calgary attic space needs more ventilation are:

  • Frost on the underside of the roof, caused by stagnant water that rather than evaporating, was left to freeze.
  • Water stained (blackened) or otherwise damaged wood on the attic.
  • Wet or matted insulation, caused by water weight and or dampening.
  • Rusted nails, caused by too much condensation in the space.

Types of Attic Vents

Various styles of attic vents can perform different tasks and provide different benefits. These are 5 common forms of attic ventilation products:

  • Box Vents – These vents are installed to the top of the roof, are rectangular in shape and can provide increased airflow through the top your attic space.
  • Ridge Vents – A long a narrow vent that runs along the side of your roof. Ridge vents can be effective for deterring moisture build-up in your attics base and crevasses.
  • Gable Vents – Attics with flat exterior walls can have gable vents installed on the siding near the roof. These vents allow for increased directional airflow in your attic.
  • Soffit Vent – These vents are installed in your roof overhang (soffit) and allow for air intake into your attic. Coupled with ridge and box vents, soffit vents can be very effective.
  • Windows & Skylights – Large attic spaces can benefit from windows & skylights that have the ability to open and close. Skylights & windows can provide the largest amount of airflow in an attic space that likely doubles as a room in the home.

Most attics will require more than one style of a vent to provide proper ventilation. Though, more ventilation is not always better. Contact 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing to ensure that proper attic vents are provided for your attic ventilation goals.

Attic Ventilation Process

  • Attic Inspection – Before any attic ventilation design or installation can begin, the area needs to be fully inspected. This process not only tells the contractor what types of attic ventilation will be ideal but also discovers if a lack of ventilation is the source of your issues. Lacking insulation, roof damage and other issues could also be the potential cause of your increased heating bills or lack of temperature consistency.
  • Ventilation Design – Once your needs are fully understood and the attic has been inspected, 4 Weather can design a plan of ventilation products to best meet your ventilation goals and stay in your budget.
  • Project Quote – When the ventilation project has been fully designed in regards to products and work duration, a fully customised project quote will be provided.
  • Installation – 4 Weather will provide top of the market craftsmanship in all aspects of your attic ventilation installations. We work to ensure that your home does not undergo any unrequired deconstruction and that the installed vents are fully operational, in order to provide you with the highest level of ventilation benefits.
  • Clean Up – The final step of the attic venting project is to completely clean the worksite and leave your home in a more valuable, functional, efficient and comfortable condition.
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