Attic insulation improves a home’s comfort by a large magnitude. It is impossible to think of what modern housing would be without insulation. Attic insulation plays a big role in preventing temperature swings from the exterior of the home.

But apart from making your home comfortable, insulation plays a big role in keeping your energy bills down. This is because a properly insulated house keeps a stable temperature, minimizing heat loss and the need for constant heating. Coupled with smart temperature control systems, insulation keeps your energy bills manageable.


Alberta has a rebate program on insulation. Basically, your energy bills are discounted for having insulation installed by a professional with a high r-value. This is a way of encouraging more energy efficient households with a goal of environmental sustainability in the long-term.

The rebate program assesses your rebates depending on;

  • Where the insulation is installed
  • The amount of insulation installed
  • The  area (in square feet) that has been insulated

It is advisable to have your estimates of the baseline i.e. your home’s energy use before the insulation is installed. You perform the analysis again after completing the insulation project to know how much energy savings you are making.

The level of insulation is rated in ‘R’ ratings, which is resistance to heat transfer. R0 stands for the lowest. The attic presents the biggest opportunity in R ratings improvement. An attic without insulation will be rated R12. This can go as high as R50 with some types of insulations. Compare with main walls where the maximum ratings go up to R20 after insulation. The estimated rebate per square foot for the attic is $47, while the main walls is $37. You can get up to $3500 in rebates.

Qualifying insulation materials

The rebates programme has qualified the following materials as appropriate for the recommended insulation levels:

Opportunity costs

Remember that a house without insulation is exposed to discomfort and risks of illness. Cold related illnesses such as pneumonia, bronchitis and other respiratory illnesses are prevalent in the cold season. Insulating your attic saves you the medical costs that would otherwise be incurred by ill family members suffering from these illnesses.

Better sale value

Homebuyers are increasingly concerned about energy efficiency in homes they would like to buy. Your home is valued higher if you can demonstrate that you have taken steps to make it more energy efficient, thus saving you and future homeowners money in the process.

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