Investing in sound attic insulation is one of the most rewarding home improvement opportunities available. Attic insulation protects your attics interior, keeps your home comfortable and saves you money. There are several different types of attic insulation to be used in your home, each has a different R-Value and cost.

Attics can often benefit from two or more styles of insulation, where a spray foam insulation seal air leaks and another bulk form of insulation provide increased airflow resistance. Attics that are damaged may require structural repairs before insulation can be installed. Attic insulation that is improperly installed or installed in a damaged space can result in a property not getting the expected benefits or energy savings.

Get the most from your attic insulation services with professional attic inspections and insulation installations. At 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing, our team works to make sure you receive the perfect insulation for your home. We want to help you receive the following attic insulation advantages:

Sealed Water & Air Leaks

Small leaks or cracks in homes exteriors or in attic interiors are the most common way moisture is able to enter the attic and/or home. An uninsulated attic space is vulnerable to these leaks, as they have no buffer from outside moisture. Spray foam attic insulation can effectively seal small air leaks before moisture is able to enter the area. Insulation also provides a buffer zone between moisture and your home.  The insulation will show signs of water damage before the water is able to pool directly in your walls and ceilings.


Keep Home Warm

It is no secret that Alberta can be a very cold climate. On average, one-quarter of the unwanted heat lost in Albertan homes is lost through uninsulated attic space. This heat loss leads to fluctuation in home air temperatures, as well as higher energy requirements to keep the property comfortable. This also makes the property more costly to live in. You can reduce your attics heat loss by 75-80% when you reach an R-value of R-50 or higher within the space.  


Efficient Installations

Professional contractors can very efficiently install blown-in attic insulation with a large pump machine and insulation hose. After an initial attic inspection is conducted, most blown-in attic installation projects can be completed in just a few hours. Meaning from project start to finish, you can often enjoy new attic insulation in a single day.


Energy Savings

On average, heating costs make up more than half of Albertan homeowner utility bills. Why not put a major dent in your heating bills with proper attic insulation? Improving your attic’s R-value from a relative 0 up to R-40 or R-50 can decrease your home heating requirements by upwards of 20%. This makes your home a more “green” and environmentally friendly property. The energy savings provided by attic insulation allows these projects to pay for themselves and begin to save you money immediately after the installation.


Energy Efficiency Rebates

In April 2017, the Albertan government launched an energy efficiency rebate program. When you hire a registered contractor, to install specified energy efficient materials you can receive insulation project rebates up to $3,500. When you enter the Energy Efficiency Alberta website and simply go into the insulation section, you will see that 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing has been approved by the program to install energy effect materials and to help you obtain project rebates.

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