Attic insulation can harbour a variety of great benefits for your home or business. From saving on energy bills to a more comfortable and well-water damage-resistant property, insulating your attic space is never a bad idea. 

Commercial and residential attic insulation projects have similar and varying benefits.  Depending on your specific attic insulation goals, different types of insulation and insulation projects can be ideal for your needs. To ensure that your attic insulation needs are met, let a professional contractor handle your Calgary attic insulation project.

The attic insulation experts at 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing have years of experience helping clients across Calgary with the residential and commercial attic insulation needs. Call or email 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing today for more attic insulation tips and information and we can answer any and all questions you have about attic insulation in Calgary. For help with attic insulation view our attic insulation FAQ page.


Applying adequate insulation to your Calgary attic space can provide your residential and or commercial property with several great benefits. Insulated attics can often provide lower energy costs for your property. Lower energy bills and higher energy efficiency boost your Energy Efficiency Rating (EER), which improve your property’s resale value. Insulation helps keep your home or business at a desirable temperature throughout every season and external weather shift. Calgary homes can now also receive financial reimbursements as part of the Alberta Insulation Rebate Program.

Attic Insulation Benefits



Attic insulation in Calgary homes or businesses can become worn down, contaminated and dirty over time, from dust and other potential contaminants in the attic space. These contaminants can come to damage the insulation, which can decrease the energy efficiency and the overall effectiveness of the attic insulation. To return your attic insulation to its original, perfect state; utilise professional attic insulation replacement services. attic insulation replacement involves the removal of old insulation, an area inspection and the installation of new and often upgraded insulation materials.


The removal of your attic insulation can be required to prepare for a renovation project, home addition project or property rewiring project. Attic insulation can become contaminated with a variety of potentially harmful water-based mold, airborne particles. Attic spaces are also fragile, so it can require structural knowledge to safely move around in the attic space. Attic removal contractors have the knowledge and professional equipment to safely and efficiently remove your old attic insulation.


Blown-in attic insulation involves utilising an insulation blower machine to break down large pads of cellulose insulation that are then blown through a large tube into the attic space. The attic space first needs to be completely inspected, sealed with caulking or spray foam and otherwise prepared for the project. Blown-in cellulose insulation needs to be installed to a depth of roughly 13″ to be effective against Calgary weather conditions. A loose fill insulation vacuum can make quick work of your Calgary blown-in insulation removal needs.


Depending on the location, local weather conditions and insulation goals of your attic insulation project, spray foam insulation can become the ideal form of insulation for your specific needs. Spray foam can be better for extreme weather conditions and for efficient insulation processes. Spray foam insulation can offer and R-value of 6.5 per inch of thickness, which is the highest insulation R-value on the market. Canadian homes are often removed to have and overall insulation R-value of R-49 or higher, which makes spray foam an ideal choice for your insulation needs.

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