Attic insulation in your Airdrie home or business can help save you money on energy bills while making your home or business a much more consistently comfortable property. There are several forms and processes associated with an attic insulation process. Attic Insulation projects can tackle installation, replacement, removal and more.

Spray foam, batts, radiant barriers, OSB boards and blown-in attic insulation can all represent the ideal insulation type, depending on your attic insulation needs. The varying insulation styles and installation processes required to perfectly meet your Airdrie attic insulation needs requires a high level of industry knowledge, skill and experience. For the best results, trust your Airdrie attic insulation needs to an experienced professional.

The professional attic insulation contractors at 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing are here to meet each of your specific Airdrie attics insulation needs. Our team can handle each step of the process to make your attic space and perfectly insulated area. Contact 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing today to schedule a free Airdrie attic insulation consultation!


Over time insulation in your attic space can become contaminated with dust and debris or can become obsolete for you specific attic insulation needs. To improve your attic insulation situation, consider professional attic insulation replacement services! The replacement of your attic insulation requires a full attic space inspection, insulation removal services, an attic area inspection and new insulation installation services. The Airdrie attic insulation experts at 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing are here to help with your specific attic insulation replacement needs!



The removal of attic insulation can be a rather seamless and stress-free process with the right knowledge and equipment. Though, without the proper knowledge or equipment, attic insulation can be difficult, dangerous ad cause property damages. Attics were commonly installed with vermiculite insulation until the late 1980’s. Vermiculite commonly contains asbestos, which can cause several serious illnesses. Attics space can also contain various molds and can be easily damaged, when improperly moved through. Avoid the health risk and potential for property damage with professional insulation removal services.


Blown-in attic insulation services can effectively insulate your custom attic area. Blown-in attic insulation involves breaking down large insulation pads, with a blower and then blowing the smaller insulation bits into your attic space to insulate the area. Blown-in insulation can also be provided already broken down and can be poured into small crevasses in hard to reach areas with a blowing hose. Blown-in insulation can be efficiently installed and can evenly distribute through the attic space.


Spray foam insulation is a dense material that hardens when applied and carries the highest R-value on the market. Spray foam insulation can be formed by open and closed cell materials. Open cell or “half pound” materials can be effective for large surface applications, as it allows some level of permeance. Though, closed cell or “two pound” spray foam provides a more airtight and waterproof seal that is better used fro sealing holes, cracks or gaps around vents. Spray foam insulation is a powerful insulation product that s best used in conjunction with attic ventilation products.


Attics can be the most common area for air leakage for moisture issues in an Airdrie home. Residential insulation in Airdrie attics helps make the attic more waterproof, which makes them more resistant to mold formation or water damage. Attic insulation also helps keep your Airdrie home warm through the winter by trapping heat in when it attempts to rise. To increase the heating and or cooling efficiency of your Airdrie home, while lowering the cost to do so, consider professional attic insulation services.

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