Roof replacements are a large and often expensive renovation, for home and business owners. The size and seriousness of a Roof Replacement showcase how important it is that an accredited professional completes your next Roof Replacement. Calgary Roof Replacements are often done using asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles can last homeowners up to 20 years, and should only take a few days to fully replace, depending on the size and damages associated with your specific roof.

It is not uncommon for roofs to require a full replacement after a major hail fall or storm.  A simple test for homeowners to see if their roof needs a replacement or a simple repair is to bend some of the shingles.  If the tested shingles are flexible and durable, then there likely is some life left in your roof, and you may simply require a small area repair. If the shingle is brittle, overly stiff and or breaks easily upon bending, then your shingles have seen their best days, and you likely require a roof replacement.

At 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing, our expert team performs in-depth roof consultations that can determine if you need a repair or full replacement, what roofing system best suits your home, a project cost estimates a set budget and the ideal products to use in the completion of the project.  4 Weather Insulation and Roofing uses elite products, provide great customer service and employ some of the finest roofing staff around!  Call or email us at any time for more Roof Replacement information, or to book a Roof Replacement consultation!The smallest roof leak can lead to major roof and home damage, requiring major roof repairs and potential replacements. Contact 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing to book a Calgary Roof Replacement consultation!  


There are several potential signs that point towards your roof requiring a replacement. Signs of shingle degeneration, such as shingle curling, bulking or damaged shingles, are signals of a roof in need of replacement. Moss growing on the roof or notable warn our roof resemble serious roof issues that need to be remedied.  Water stains on your ceiling walls are a sure sign of a roof leak and could require a roof replacement. Finally, regardless of visible damage, if your roof is over 18 years old it may need to be replaced.  If your roof is showing any of these signs, you may be in need of a replacement.    


Aspects of project cost, long-term benefits, and overall roof health need to be considered when determining if you need a simple roof repair or a full roof replacement. Roof repairs are often less costly that full replacements, but depending on your roof’s level of damages the repair may not hold and a full replacement will be required after some time.  If your roofing contractor determined that your roof is past the point of a simple repair, a full roof replacement is the best option. Call 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing to book a roof consultation and or inspection!


Roof replacements have a variety of Advantages. They are a for sure fix for your roofing problems or damages. Roof repairs need to match the existing roof, where as a Roof Replacement can be designed to improve the external aesthetics of the home. Roof Replacements can also increase the re-sale value and general comfort of your home.  Roof Replacement Advantages can often far outweigh the financial project costs.  Call or email 4 Weather Insulation & Roofing any time to book a Roof Replacement consultation!   


Roof replacements are in-depth roofing projects. The cost of Roof Replacements can depend on the size and slope of your roof, the products used in the roof replacement, and the currently existing roof system.  Roof Replacements tend to cost homeowners between $5,000 and $15,000 dollars, but with a large bulk of Calgary roof replacements costing less than $10,000.  Do not hesitate to contact 4 Weather Insulation to book a free Roof Replacement consultation; to determine the expected cost and time of completion for your prospective Roof Replacement!


Calgary is an amazing city with abundant amenities, culture and career opportunities!  Though Calgary weather can be quite unpredictable, damaging and even devastating.   If your roof faces any major storms or incurs and noticeable damage, the integrity of the roof could be compromised.  A roof inspection, from a professional roofing contractor, can often tell you if your roof has been damaged at all. If you have any suspicions or notice any signs of roof damage, please contact 4 Weather Insulation and Roofing for a Roof Replacement Calgary consultation.

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